More Random Generators

  • Band Name Maker
    Generate random band names. An all-time favorite!
  • Generator Hell New
    A large collection of unique and twisted generators.
  • Random Bumper Sticker
    Generate random bumper stickers.
  • Phone Word Maker
    Generates words from your phone number. Also translates words to a phone number.
  • Long URL Maker
    There are times when a tiny URL just won't do. When you need a really long URL to swing around, use this generator.
  • Job Title Maker
    Find a job by creating your own position.
  • Justin Bieber Song Maker
    Become a master lyricist and songwriter like Justin Bieber
  • Beck Song Maker
    Randomly generate a mashup of Beck song lyrics that make MORE sense than the original songs.
  • R.E.M. Song Maker
    Randomly mashup R.E.M. song lyrics to create your own unique song.
  • Hard-to-Read Quotations
    This "anti-app" takes famously elegant quotations and randomly rewrites them using the worst (and most-common) grammar, spelling and typographic errors.
  • HTML Text Generator
    Generate obfuscated, bloated text from the Texas Instruments TI-81 Graphic Calculator font.
  • Porno Name Maker
    Generate random pornographic film titles and descriptions.
  • Pan Ipsum
    All your ipsum are belong to us. One ipsum to rule them all.